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My Story

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Where it all started? Here is an honest reflection on my journey. 

As a child, I loved dancing in front of the mirror, which led my parents to enroll me in ballet. But as I grew and my body changed, I struggled with low self-esteem, body image issues, and an eating disorder due to societal pressures. 

I have experienced mental, physical and sexual violence during my early years, making me feel never good enough or capable of anything, yet being perfectionist and overachieving to prove that I am worthy of love. 

Despite an innate passion for holistic well-being, I initially pursued a career in economics, as I thought a way to secure my life. Working in the business field, my weekends were marked by partying, alcohol and substance use.

After a difficult breakup in 2016, there was a turning point in my life when I started questioning why certain things happen to me. I started my healing journey through different modalities: theta healing, family constellation, past live regression, rebirthing and I discovered yoga, meditation and gong sound healing. 

Relocating to Berlin in 2018, I continued a dissatisfying 9-5 routine. I know I wasn't happy, yet I did not believe in myself enough to change. I felt safe and comfortable, but I recognized the toll my unhappiness was taking on my health. I realized that every physical symptom has an emotional background and I learnt about the connection between body-mind-spirit.

After a transformative solo trip, I summoned the courage to leave my secure job and pursue a healthier, more fulfilling life. Enrolling in Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I deepened my knowledge about holistic healing, while continuously improving my skills as a sound meditation and gong artist. Meanwhile my dream to become a photographer also manifested itself effortlessly.

I got introduced to plant-medicines, which were supporting my on-going self-inquiry and healing on a deep level. I was slowly peeling off the layers of my own conditioning and limiting beliefs, which I carried long from my childhood. The more I went deeper, the lighter life got through acceptance, forgiveness and love. 

I jumped on a train to support retreats as a holistic chef and placeholder, which made my path and dharma clearer. 

Currently I am studying Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach for trauma healing and deepening my knowledge about psychedelics and integration to be best in service for others. 

Gratitude fills me for the connections, mentors, and experiences that shaped my journey. Believing that healing is a continuous process of growth and self-discovery, I acknowledge the importance of listening to my inner voice.

I am here to inspire you to connect to your inner wisdom, to activate your self-healing process and to walk you home - to yourself. 


Cecilia Foga
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Compassionate Inquiry / Psychotherapeutic approach for trauma healing by Gábor Máté / 2023- 2024

Gong Artist / Way as an authentic Gong Player by Kay Karl / 2023

Inner Child Facilitator  / The Inner Council / 2023

Holistic Herbalism  / The School of Natural Health Sciences / 2022

Sound Meditation Facilitator / Soneiro / 2022

Holistic Health and Transformation Coaching / Institute for Integrative Nutrition / 2020-2021 

Vipassana meditation / 2020

Theta Healing Basic DNA training / 2016

Other Interests:

Master artificial light / Fig and Light  / 2021

Food design / The Art of Plating / 2021

Natural Light Masterclass by Eva Kosmas / 2020

Basic and Advanced foodphotography / Foodtography School / 2020

Green Belt Lean Six Sigma / 2018

BA International Business Economics / Budapest Business School / 2011-2015

Projects & Work experiences

Transformation & Holistic Health Coach / Since 2021

Sound Therapist & Gong Player / 1on1 & group experiences / Since 2020

Photographer / Since 2020

Sound Facilitator at HAR / Since 2023

Holistic Chef at Kiyumi / Psylocibin Retreat / Holland / Since 2023

Holistic Chef and Spaceholder at ARUNA / Psylocibin Retreat / Since 2023

Sacred Glade & Wisdom Carrier Team at Medicine Festival / Since 2022

Holistic Chef at various Plant Medicine Retreats / Germany & Sweden / Since 2021

Sound Journey Facilitator at Evolve Festival / 2021

Sound Trainee / Soneiro / 2019 - 2022

Spaceholder at Soneiro sound events / Yoga United Festival / Agape Zoe / Pangea / 2019-2023


International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine / Since 2024

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