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Trauma Informed Coaching

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Over the past 10 years, I’ve researched, studied and practiced a wide variety of techniques that have empowered me to find my own answers and create my own peace.


I bring a unique blend of expertise in holistic health and transformation coaching, combined with extensive training in trauma-informed somatic coaching.


I help my clients identify and release limiting beliefs and patterns that hold them back from living the life they desire and realize their full potential by connecting to their inner world in a safe setting. 


My approach is holistic, meaning that I take into account all aspects of your life, including your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Scroll down to find programs I’ve created for you from my studies and experiences so you can step into the most empowered, soulful, magnetic person you can be. Your TRUE self.

8 or 12 weeks
1on1 mentoring

Are you ready to completely transform your life from the inside out?


This offering is for all those who are ready to make a solid, long-term commitment to themselves. I blend science and spirituality into all my teachings to give you a lasting foundation for you to find your centre in day to day life and to come home to your most authentic self. 

In each session, I'll challenge your limiting beliefs and with you together work towards self-compassion and acceptance, the guiding force of your transformation. Stay connected with me through 1:1 voice messages or text chats, ensuring you remember your own truth amidst the natural ebbs and flows of your evolution.

This mentorship program is unique to each individual, adapted to meet your specific needs. Reach out via email or schedule a call below to explore if this journey is the perfect fit for you.

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Events, Classes, Retreats
in person & Online

Sound healing, compassionate inquiry, energy work and more in person and online.

In person events take place in Berlin and around the world, where I am currently.


Tap the button below to see what’s coming up.

Online events will all be recorded, so if you’re unable to make any live you can always join in later!

Retreats to come, stay tuned!

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