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Sound Therapy

Sound healing is an ancient form of therapy that uses the power of sound waves/frequencies to heal and balance the mind, body, and spirit. It's a holistic approach to wellbeing. It enables you to reach a deep state of relaxation while allowing the nervous system to be regulated.


You can unlock the body's inherent healing potential:

release physical blockages

balance the energetic centers

prevent stress and promote well-being

improve sleep and inner peace

increase vitality 

improve concentration and clarity

release and process stored emotional trauma

Working with sound opens a door to another state of consciousness, allows to explore the dreamworld and helps

to connect to our intuition, creativity, to bring peace and balance.

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"Sound will be the medicine of the future."
- Edgar Cayce
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My story with sound

I stumbled upon the power of sound, especially the gong in 2015 in Budapest - in my early discovery of spirituality. My teacher, Navnihal Kaur introduced me to kundalini and the gong. This powerful force called me back many times - to feel ease, centered and grounded. 

After I moved to Berlin in 2018 I joined many gong sessions and I observed the rising call of my heart to learn about this ancient practise. In 2019 I visited India where I received my first 1on1 sound healing session - leaving the room completely rejuvenated. Right after my arrival back to Berlin I joined Soneiro - collective for sound - and I co-created many even events. In 2020 I completed my sound meditation facilitator training and started hosting my own events. In 2023 I listened to the deepest desire of my heart and joined the gong training by Kay Karl, where I learnt not just about how to play the gong, but how to be authentic while doing so. Sound brings me into a different realm, into my core essence.  


My intention is to hold space for anyone who would like to join to explore this hidden treasure within. 


Immerse in sound. Vibration. Frequency. 

Sound Infusion

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. When we feel stressed or experience physical symptoms, it indicates that something is out of balance. With Sound Infusion, we activate the body's self healing process, bringing it back into a state of resonance. Infusing the experience with personal intentions accompanied by tibetan bowls, gong and other sonic instruments. 

15 minutes check in & out + 75 minutes sound infusion 


1 ~ 125€      3 ~ 350€      6 ~ 650€

Somatic Sound

Somatic Sound is an on-body sound massage experience, where instruments are placed directly on the body. The vibrations and tones produced through the session helps transforming tension from the physical body, releasing feel-good hormones and bring emotional relif, harmonizing the energy centers and promoting a sense of well-being and balance. 

15 minutes check in & out + 60 minutes somatic sound massage


1 ~ 105€      3 ~ 290€      6 ~ 570€

Group Experience

If you have a desire for a group sound experience, a cacao ceremony, an opening act for an art installation, a company event, stress prevention journey with sound etc.. I am happy to hear your wishes and ideas and create a tailored offering for your needs.

Please write me an email with all the details. 

Every offering is personalized and designed for your needs.
If you are unsure which offer suits you best,
let's jump on a call and figure it out together. 

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Thank you! :)

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