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Ruben Yon'ton Vucubcame

Berlin tour

Join us for two days of immersive workshop around sound, frequency, voice, ritual. 


Drum birth workshop 

28.10.2023 - POSTPONED

Inspired by the Mesoamerican ritual floor drum known as Huehuetl, the workshop offers an opportunity to create your own drum.

The Chimalli-Huehuetl is a contemporary drum used in ritual dance. "Chimalli" in the Nahuatl language means "shield," and "Huehuetl" refers to the "grandfather ritual drum." This is how the design for this type of drum came to be.

The process of creation and "birth" takes ten hours.


The provided materials include skin, a wooden frame, and rope. These vital energies that constitute the drum are called Tonalli — the energy and heart of both the tree and the animal, united in one heart with you. 

Location: Element Yoga, Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 Berlin


Workshop: 10:00-15:00

Lunch Break: 15:00-16:00

Workshop: 16:00-21:00

30cm - 200€

40cm - 250€

55cm - 280€

To reserve your spot, fill out the registration form here and please send a DEPOSIT of 100€ to PAYPAL with the desired drum size in the comment section, or write an email to for bank details. 

Please note, your registration is only valid after sending the deposit.


If you have signed up for this workshop, please check your ​emails, spams! 

The event does not include food, please bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks to share. We will be working long hours on the drums. 


Please bring with you also: 

- yoga mat 

- hammer

- cutter or sharp knife 

- gloves 

- ratchet secateurs


Thank you for being part of this experience in the heart of the drum. 



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Frequency & vibration Workshop



Join us for an exciting workshop at Element Yoga where we will dive into the fascinating world of frequencies and vibrations! 

Frequency and vibration is a transformative workshop that merges the vibration of your voice through resonance points of your body. Led by Ruben Yon'ton Vucubcame, this workshop guides you to experience the alchemy of your own sound, your voice. You become one vessel with the Earth and Sky, and your intention becomes a prayer that travels into the unseen.

With the understanding that everything has a vibration, sound becomes a powerful tool to shift perspectives and manifest a reality that aligns with your heart's desires. Your thoughts, actions, and even your presence emit frequencies that contribute to the cosmic orchestra of life.


By connecting with your true essence and the natural world around you, you can rebalance your energy, unblock energy points, and release through sound.

Through movement, breath, and intention, you will discover your inner rhythm and connect with the heart of the Earth and Sky Together with like-minded souls, you will rise as creators and contribute to the evolution of humanity. The drum becomes a vessel for your voice, and with it, you gain confidence and feel the power of each beat, each sound, and each breath.

Everythig Is Frequency, Everything is Vibration

Ticket price: 25€

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Ritual Sound Journey



We extend a warm welcome to a profound musical journey, where we embark upon an exploration of the very essence of existence through the medium of sound. Nestled within Origin te Yon'Ton, we uncover the transformative potency of vibration and music imbued with intention. This is a sonorous odyssey, a Ritual Sound Journey that unites us through the universal language of music. 

ORIGIN TE YON'TON encapsulates a profound understanding that resonates with the cosmic truth that everything in the universe pulsates, reverberates, and communicates through vibration. With this awareness, we commence a voyage to plumb the depths of vibration and the mystical allure of music suffused with purpose.


Through the medium of sound, we transcend the limitations of individuality, converging as one harmonious whole. The music we partake in harmoniously blends elements of Mesoamerican ritual, channeling the ancient wisdom and spiritual essence of the region. It reverberates with the rhythmic heartbeat of the drum, the reverence of prayer, and the transcendental power of chant.

ORIGIN TE YON'TON transcends mere performance; it is a cosmic experience. It bridges the chasm between the heart of Earth and the heart of Heaven, beckoning you to explore the boundless cosmos nestled within your very heart, in this very moment.

The melodies presented herein draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of ancestral Mesoamerican rituals. They serve as an homage to the profound wisdom of those who have traversed this earthly realm before us—a harmonious tribute to their spiritual practices steeped in antiquity.

We extend our gratitude for your presence on this extraordinary journey. As you recline, open your heart, and allow the music of ORIGIN TE YON'TON to transport you to undiscovered realms of consciousness. Relish in the splendor of the Ritual Sound Journey!

Ticket price: 29€


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About Ruben

I am a Ritual Artist from the Nahua Indigenous group of Anahuac, an area known today as Arid America and Mesoamerica, born in Central Mexico.

I focus my work on the development of art as a form of healing. From the ancestral rituals, we find unification.

The project I develop functions therapeutically. Now in Europe, it's akin to applying Mexican shamanism to archetypes with which this community can connect and heal, achieving spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

The idea of progressing from one level of consciousness to another involves the inclusion of experiential content within a process of exploration.

Consciousness exists in everything, but humans fragment and limit it by setting boundaries. These boundaries arise from limiting identifications.

In this way, I connect with an adult society that has been limited since childhood. I use art for self-liberation, helping individuals regain confidence in their inherent abilities and empowering them. I provide tools for people to explore without bounds and reinvent themselves daily, free from attachments to identifications like nationalism, name, and gender. It's about unity: all in one and one in all. The Origin of the Heart is the vertex of the cluster of infinity, spanning from the micro to the macro cosmos.

Origin Te Yon'ton - Origin of the Heart

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About Cecília


I am a certified holistic health & transformation guide, sound facilitator and compassionate inquiry student. I take holistic approach to healing. 

Starting in my mid 20s I had the quest to understand my patterns, to heal my past and to connect deeply to my heart. To rediscover my values, my worth and to step into my purpose guiding others on their journey reconnecting to their true, authentic selves.


I am committed to empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with grace, courage, and resilience. Through empowerment coaching, sound healing, and trauma-informed psychotherapeutic approaches,

I guide individuals in embracing their inner child, overcoming past traumas, and manifesting a fulfilled, authentic life.


I believe that the power to heal lies within each individual and I aim to empower participants to take an active role in their healing journey.  


As a facilitator, I bring a warm and compassionate presence to the workshops, creating a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore their inner selves, where vulnerability becomes strength, and healing is celebrated.

Much Love,


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Drum Birth Workshop 

Ticket price: 200-280€

(depending on drum size)



Ticket price: 25€


Ritual Sound Journey

Ticket price: 29€


Special Deal:
Frequency&Vibration + Ritual Sound Journey

Ticket Price: 49€

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